While ultrasonic cleaning is highly regarded as an effective and innovative cleaning method, not every company can say they’ve been fighting grime for nine decades. At L&R, we can. As the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ultrasonic cleaning systems, solutions, and accessories, we’re sharing the not-so-dirty secret of where it started and what industries we’re proud to have worked with over the past ten decades. 

Cleaning Clock Parts + Jewelry One Piece + Dirt Particle at a Time: 

Our grime fighting pre-dates Ultrasonic cleaning. In 1930, Max A. Lazarus Sr., a printer by trade, formulated specialty cleaning and rinsing solutions to clean mechanical watch and clock parts. This was the beginning of L&R.  From here, we expanded to help jewelers clean everyday contaminants, dirt, and personal products like lotions and soaps that can make diamonds and gold seem dull.

Advancing Clean in Dental, Dental Labs, and Medical Fields:

By 1950, people began exploring more effective ways to clean, and the application of ultrasonic cleaning technology was at the top of the list because it can reach small crevices, offering a more complete, better, and safer cleaning. As experts in cleaning intricate items, ultrasonic cleaning was a no-brainer, and we had the expertise to move it forward in a major way.

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For L&R, the natural progression was to introduce ultrasonic cleaning to the dental and medical fields because of its ability to safely and effectively clean instruments and apparatus. In fact, a recent study found that hand scrubbing of contaminated instruments was both ineffective and inconsistent. When ultrasonic cleaning was put to the test, there was a major reduction of contamination and a major increase in workforce. We’re happy to be part of that advancement. Ultrasonic cleaning also helps in the following ways:

  • Minimizes handling of instruments

  • Reduces the risk of infection

  • Saves the amount of time spent cleaning

Cleaning Up the Industrial Grime Scene:

With the growing possibilities of clean, we expanded even further into industries like machine and automotive. Here’s why: if you’ve ever changed the oil in your vehicle, you know that’s where the grime lives (among other places). If we know anything, it’s how to clean up grime, so again, the progression was a natural fit for us.

While it’s true that you could clean with a traditional method, the truth is that ultrasonic cleaning degreases without damaging intricate, delicate, or lightweight parts. Here are some other ways ultrasonic cleaning fights grime in the industrial world:

  • Removes carbon deposits and other dirt and contaminants from a variety of parts including cylinder blocks and engines

  • Cleans smaller parts more efficiently like screws, bolts, fixtures, and anything with small holes or crevices

  • Reduces the risk of future corrosion

Clean doesn’t stop there. Today, our core markets include not only the ones above, but the scientific, and law enforcement/military industries in addition to dozens of markets around the world. If you’re interested to see how L&R can help fight grime in your business contact us by clicking here. Remember, at L&R, clean matters.